When is Comes to Business - What is Resilience?


Resilience a word used and abused by various industries in relation to protections and continuance of vital business processes.

Ask anyone within the IT industry and they will probably tell you that it is about use of cloud infrastructures and high availability systems. The protection of reliable data and access to it is paramount. Well it probably is when focusing upon the technical elements of information availability. As yet we have failed to really apply “resiliency” in business terms.

We need to consider prevention of disruption and contingency planning form the perspective of a business leader. This raises the question of what are contingency plans. Contingency planning in the environment of business continuity is about recognising that interruptions and damage will occur, no matter what extent of resilience measures are deployed. Incidents happen, get over it!

Possible solutions and contingencies are:

  • Split your workforce across at least two locations;
  • Consider using services of a recovery centre or enter into a reciprocal agreement with a friendly business partner;
  • Store copies of vital documents or scan them into physically remote systems of cloud;
  • Rehearse alternative working patters regularly, at least annually AND whenever a significant change occurs within the business.

Ensure that your BCP is not only well constructed, also that is well understood by all who may need to use it.   

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