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Hampshire Shipping Company 14/02/2013
Abide Consulting helped a Hampshire based shipping company, with operations in many countries. The work ... [More]

Printing Firm 05/05/2011
Business Continuity is not just about large corporations. Abide Consulting helped our small printing ... [More]

Finance Sector Business 13/02/2011
Based within the Thames Valley, we were looking for the best value and most reliable provider of IT recovery ... [More]

Food producer 13/02/2011
We are an international food producer and have been maintaining a business continuity plan for some years ... [More]

Financial credit company 23/07/2010
Abide Consulting helped us to get a qualitative and objective view of our business risks and helped design ... [More]

New NHS "Super Hospital" 11/06/2010
Abide Consulting helped us to identify improvements to our IT Services Continuity plans. They later facilitated ... [More]

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