Business Continuity arrangements are vital but often companies will delay because of its perceived complexity. We help you to make implementation easy! 

Business continuity and business resilience solutions are our forte and go far beyond outdated disaster recovery plans by involving people, processes, premises, information and governance, leading to greater customer confidence. Let us help you achieve true resilience, business continuity and disaster recovery which you can depend upon.

We have delighted clients in Hampshire, Berkshire, Thames Valley, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, Europe, Africa and India. Close to London Heathrow, we go further than many of our competitors to make practical business continuity and business resilience really straightforward. 

Call on our extensive expertise to design a dependable solution and protect your company from unwanted disruptions and costly recovery.


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Highly experienced business continuity advice with a friendly face. An initial discussion is free and without obligation.

Refreshing operational resilience, business continuity and more!

A dependable Business Continuity and Resilience arrangement keeps your critical operations running and your customers buying from you.  

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Business Continuity and resilience planning without confusing jargon. Leveredge our extensive experience, along with ISO 22301 & ISO 27001 practices to enable:

  • Protection from costly operational disruption or cessation
  • Continuity of your revenue flow
  • Compliance with contractual commitments and regulatory controls
  • Maintenance of valuable customer relationships and attraction to new opportunities
  • Audit to check there is sufficient business continuity in your supply chain
  • Professional training and coaching

Business Continuity works for every business environment 

We pride ourselves on having extensive and in-depth experience in many working environments. Our Principal Consultant and his team of associate consultants are chosen for their specific industry knowledge and expertise in Business Continuity practices.

Our clients achieve resilience with professionally constructed Business Continuity Management Systems. We take account of Strategic Planning, Operations Management, Operational Risk and information systems for continuous function of people, processes, assets and resources, including information technology. 

Our clients understand the value we have brought to their many industries on three continents. 

Here are a few:

  • Food production and logistics
  • Hospitality - Hotels and cruise lines
  • Health care and pharmaceutical
  • Corporate legal
  • On-line entertainment
  • Debt management
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping and offshore
  • Publishing
  • Technology services
  • Software developers


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Reach out to us at: UK +44 07507 560214 and find out how you can benefit.


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Although based in North Hampshire and very close to Berkshire, Surrey and London, travel is of absolutely no challenge to us and often of no additional cost to our clients. We never charge for travel time and are always onsite for the start of your working day.  

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